The Sacred Sexual Intelligence
Six Month Journey

Do you feel like your relationship isn’t what it used to be?

You are not feeling connected with your partner and you’re Hungry for the Passion you used to feel?

Are you Resigned and Numb, as if your spirit is just out of whack?

Maybe you are lonely and longing for a Connected Friend-Lover-Spouse that you can deeply bear your soul to.​

​You are craving a relationship where you feel Understood, Loved, Respected and Seen.

You are not sure this is even possible.

​I felt this way once.

​I used to attract lovers who couldn't connect at the depth I longed for.

I struggled to experience any fulfilling intimacy.

I went through relationship after relationship wondering if the next man would finally be the one to meet me at the depths I craved. Where my soul could be seen and not judged. My vulnerable heart ached to be free, instead of hidden behind a wall of self-judgement and negative societal messages.

In our culture a woman’s sexuality is either judged negatively or idealized for men’s fantasies. We have lost the Rights of Passages for Initiating Women into Their Sacred Sensual Selves. When girls become women, nobody dances with them. They are quietly shuffled off to the bathroom with tampons and told not to talk about it.

And this is costing us our connection to our sensual selves, our partners, our ability to create our lives on our terms.

You are a sacred vessel. Your pleasure will heal the world. The more you ignite your pleasure it creates a flame of passion that changes how you live your life. Others will see and be inspired by this, remembering their own connection.

It is that powerful. You can Anchor Your Life in Your Pleasure.

​I’m going to be really honest with you. It feels Really Vulnerable when You Start to Heal. This work takes you into places where you might feel embarrassed, fearful or ashamed.

When I walked this path, it felt endlessly deep. When I finally allowed myself to glimpse the pain I was in it hurt like nothing I’ve ever known. I wanted to avoid it, push it away and pretend it didn’t exist. But My life was being Unconsciously Navigated by Beliefs and Patterns that kept Destroying any Hope of True Intimacy. They kept taking me down a road I was done going down.

I came to a point where I had to look. I had to listen. I had to know why my life had Ended Up so far Out of Balance and Out of Control.

​But today, I look with love on these areas of myself. Instead of shoving pain away I learned to Deeply Care for these injured parts. To see them as parts of me that were misunderstood and, are misunderstanding life.

The more I healed, the more I started Attracting Men who were Healed.

The More I Opened to Love, the more love I could let into the areas I once defended with my life.

I learned to Embrace Vulnerability as my Deepest Friend and Companion. This opened my heart like a door to my lover, Creating Safety for both of us to Explore and Expand Together.

My life is not the same. I am deeply grateful for this path where Relationships are a Spiritual Practice. This Journey strengthen our souls to know our depths. To be seen in everything that we are. Where we no longer have to hide.

In the 6 month Sacred Sexual Intelligence Program I guide you through the deep still waters of your soul; through your sexuality, through your Pure Expression of your Feminine Essence.

As you Fall in Love with Yourself, you create a more compassionate relationship with your partner.

You’ll learn to talk to your lover, so that together you'll create space to nurture your vulnerability and growth in the bedroom.

You’ll discover how to tune into what’s real for you and what’s just programming so that you can Experience Your Authentic Pleasure.

​You’ll increase your pleasure, your connection an your intimacy by 100%.

I know it seems scary to dive into these waters, I know that it feels endlessly deep and I know it feels like there are areas that you feel you can’t break through. But I want You to Know that it is Possible. Passion, creativity, fun, intimacy, joy, playfulness with your sensual self and your partner ARE possible.

You don’t have to do this on your own.

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In Service to Your Sacred Sexual Self,

​Sacred Sexuality Coach