The Orgasmic Webinar Series

You can SHIFT with the changes on Our Planet a FUN Way!

Become a Co-Creator with the Universal Bliss Sources (God, Goddess, All that Is...) and Our Conscious Brothers & Sisters for a Lighter, Brighter Future for Yourself and Our World!

As human beings we have the opportunity to create Ecstatic Experiences and cast our votes for creating a juicy world that we ADORE. In this series of webinars below we learn where we are with our personal and planetary evolution, and how to use orgasmic energy to increase the potency of our prayers & intentions, while learning how to reclaim our...​

Ecstatic Birthright

I am giving this to you below because I feel it's important to have access to this information in this time period where we can step up and create a reality that is aligned with our hearts and souls.

You will Love this Offering if:

  • You know that thoughts create reality
  • You wish to learn how to become proactive with your own evolution
  • You feel inspired to increase your participation with Co-Creating Our Collective Future
  • You desire to start developing your Orgasmic Potential

You will Learn:

  • How to release stagnant or negative energy that has been holding you back, in order to birth the new YOU
  • What's really going on with Humanities Evolution & where we're headed as a Human Race
  • What "Frequency" is and how to make the transition into a Higher Frequency that will assist Personal Transcendence
  • How to create your reality with Orgasmic Prayers & Offerings
  • Common concerns women experience with orgasm and how to start unlocking your Orgasmic Potential
  • How to maintain your Orgasmic Self as you age

The combined Wisdom here will INVITE you to step out of the old paradigm humanity has been living in for thousands of years.

The Orgasmic Webinar Series

Manifesting Reality with Orgasmic Energy

Gaianna Love is a Sacred Sexuality Coach, an accredited Sexual Health Educator, Tantra & Tao of Love instructor. She is also a Taoist and Evolutionary Priestess.

In this webinar I'll be sharing with you:

  • How to naturally increase your ability to receive pleasure in the bedroom.
  • Common issues many women face around orgasms and how to work with them.
  • How to easily shift mediocre sex into heart connected intimacy with your lover/beloved.
  • How Orgasmic energy can heighten our prayers and intentions for our life and our collective future.

Humanities Evolution & Our Sexual Potential

Tina Spalding is a Trance Channeler and speaks directly for spirit. The group of beings she works with are called Ananda, which means bliss.

In this webinar I interview Tina Spalding who channels about:

  • The evolutionary leap that we as humans are experiencing and what we're evolving into.
  • The biggest conflicts on the planet are at this time (...and they're probably not what you think!)
  • What Orgasmic energy is and how we can use it to raise our own consciousness.
  • The shadow side of sexual energy and how we can start unlocking it's potential.

Orgasmic Aging and Sexual Healing

Amrita Grace is a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, and an ordained High Priestess who took a major detour through breast cancer in 2013.

In this webinar I am interviewing Amrita Grace on:

  • How to step onto the sexual healing journey.
  • An important secret for attracting a mate
  • Vital information for keeping your vagina in good condition as you age
  • An EASY practice for generating sexual energy at any age
  • A practice for healing the Heart-Yoni connection

Kundalini Yoga to Release Old Blocks

Nomi Lyonns is a Natural Health Consultant, B. Sc. NH, Herbalist, Reflexologist and Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

In this Kundalini Yoga session with Nomi you will learn:

  • How to shed negative effects from emotional and physical blockages.
  • How to use sound currents to shake up and release old patterns.
  • How to re-calibrate your nervous system and re-pattern the whole body.

Deepen Your Intimacy and Pleasure

Become free to fully experience your natural orgasmic blissful self and fully manifest that bright star that you are in this world!  If you're a woman who wants to deepen your connection and love in your intimacy with a beloved then sign up for a complementary 20 minute consultation with me, Gaianna, to see how I can be of service to you.