The Juicy Yoni
Six Month Program

Reclaim Your Love of Sex

Did you know that 80% of women can suffer from painful sex and ongoing discomfort during or after menopause?

This can be a very scary place.

It feels like you've lost control over your body. It doesn't work like it used to.

If this is you, You may feel like you've lost touch with who you are and how you've defined yourself as a woman. You feel numb, angry and/or embarrassed to talk about it.

I know this because this is how my clients feel.
The good news is that it can be helped.

You can still have the intimate connection that you're longing for. 
After menopause you can experience yourself as a Sexually Vibrant Woman again.

There are practical steps to reverse the effects and they don't include hormone therapy.


I'm currently holding space for new clients that are ready to become friends with their vagina again. As a result of our work you'll sleep better, have a better connection with your significant other(s) 
...and love sex again.

*** Note that this is a private space where you can be held and seen for you
to do the work you need to.

I'm exclusively taking clients who are willing to do the work to step back into their sexual vibrancy.  If this calls to you then schedule a 20 minute free consultation with me to learn more and see if this program is right for you.

Your Next Step:

Schedule a Complementary 20 Minute Consultation

...and see if the Juicy Yoni Program is right for you.

   About Gaianna Love

Gaianna is a Certified Sexual Health Educator and a Sacred Sexuality Coach and Instructor. She's on a mission for women to experience the love they dream about.


'' In April I received guidance to pay attention to my genitals. The next morning a friend told me about Gaianna, whom I contacted by phone right away. Gaianna asked questions, listened attentively, assigned some preliminary homework, and then we met in person. Gaianna was open and warmly welcoming. I fell into her deep smiling eyes and felt at ease immediately, even with this most vulnerable topic. After that, each time we had a Skype session, Gaianna listened, asked questions from our previous session, and guided me with gentle wisdom to actions I could take to help me heal, learn and revitalize this neglected part of myself. In the process, I began to heal from the hurts and shame inherited from generations before me. I am learning what it means to be a sexual being and asking for what I need from my current sex partner. I highly recommend Gaianna as a compassionate companion in sexual enlightenment. ''

Sherry, Canada

Owner of Love is Round