Release Your HeartShield

...and Open to the Love and Intimacy You're Longing for.

Do You Secretly Feel:

  • ​The intimacy your heart craves feels out of reach?
  • ​Fearful that you might be rejected for who you are deep down if you're seen to deeply?
  • ​That it's better to be numb and unloved than open and hurt?
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    Tired of feeling so alone?

Do You Long to Feel:

  • ​Safe to be seen for who you really are?
  • ​Open to being loved?
  • ​Safe to share love with another?
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    Deeply and intimately connected with your beloved?
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    At ease in yourself?

What is a HeartShield?

​Over a lifetime, without knowing it we build up something called a HeartShield that keeps love out. We all have HeartShields, it is normal in our society.

This shield is an important defense mechanism that protects your heart against pain or hurt. It is of great service when it was created to look after you, usually during a breakup, trauma, misunderstanding, abuse, injustice etc.

Over time you recover and loose your need for that HeartShield.
But unfortunately they don’t dissolve on their own.

Shields can be experienced in many ways. Fear of being hurt, numb to joy, cynicism around men, fear of rejection, holding onto power, unworthiness of love... just to name a few.

Having these shields are incredibly understandable, we have needed them to survive. However; When the shield remains, it has an unintentional negative effect.

It becomes difficult to share love as any love impulse has to be filtered through this shield.

When we experience conflicting thoughts around love,
it prevents vulnerable love from
entering our lives.

​When we have an impulse to love, it moves through the heart shields to get to our beloveds, by the time it gets to his heart the love impulse feels quite different. It becomes distorted by this shield. The same happens also when a beloved shares love with us, love has to move through the heart shield.

This can be very frustrating as we unconsciously thwart potential intimacy in our lives.

As we go through life more shields are created and are compounded upon each other. They make it harder and harder to share love that is deep within us as we unconsciously get caught in a defense mode.

What once was a blessing of protection now prevents love flowing in our lives.

If you haven’t had a partner in a long time it’s more than likely this shield is the leading culprit.

The Good News is you can release your HeartShield.

You are in a different time and place from when it or they were created. 99.9% of the time it is no longer of use.
It remains an echo of our reaction to an event or experience.

When the shields come down the heart naturally starts to unwind and shineWe can find safety in be seen, no longer being caught in defense, we don't feel so alone. Our vulnerability becomes our greatest ally, it brings out the vulnerability in our partner, the intimacy grows and deepens.

Imagine what releasing your HeartShield would feel like.
What if you could now tap into a world of intimacy that nourishes you to your core.
Where you no longer have to hide your true self, where you could finally bring all of yourself to the relationship.

This is my Number One Program to heal the heart,
bringing Love and Intimacy you Crave into your reality.​

It is a simple and gentle process to release the HeartShield.
I take you by the hand to unlock the areas of your heart that have been sealed shut during your lifetime.

Rest assured this process won’t remove any shields that you currently need. It also doesn't mean you'll forget what happened in the past or that you won't be able to defend yourself in the future.

The HeartShield Release Package is
Three Private Sessions within a Six Week period
One on one with me

Are you ready:

  • To be adored and seen just for who you are
  • To deepen the intimacy connection you've secretly been longing for
  • To make space in your heart for your next beloved

Then Your Next Step is to:

Schedule a 20 minute Complimentary Consultation

...and see if this Program is right for you.

My experience with the Heart Shield...

Years ago, I felt in a rut with a partner.  I feared he wasn't capable of intimacy. I had put him in a box believing he didn’t have the capability to love me.

I was on the verge of breaking up with him, feeling clear the relationship was going nowhere.

This was painful as I valued who he was and the value he brought to my life.

I’ve always appreciated my open heart and never thought I was blocked in any way. Still, I had longed to be loved in ways that had never manifested for me.

I was feeling alone and unseen even though he was right in front of me. I felt our hearts weren't aligned, that somehow we weren't connecting in ways that felt fulfilling.

Just before I was going to break up the relationship I learned that I had a HeartShield and removed it.

Within days of it's release I was experiencing intimacy
that I only dreamed was possible... with the same man!

I was relieved down to my core that it was a block in me. I was starting to fear that all of the men I attracted weren't capable of true intimacy.

I realized it was me ~ I had never fully allowed intimacy in.

What I didn’t know was that he knew what intimacy was. I had been avoiding him as I was afraid that if I was seen for who I really was I'd be rejected.

The shield I released was keeping out the love right in front of me.

For the first time in my life I felt seen for who I was, loved and understood. My heart had opened a new level allowing his heart and mind to safely connect and inter-weave with mine.

Everything became deeper. My heart became joyously at ease.

My energy was no longer being usurped with defending myself against phantoms of my past. 

I finally reached the level of intimacy I craved.

My energy came back, my life became wonderfully simple. I was connected to the joy that just wanted to bubble up within me. Self care practices became so much easier to do.

Color entered my world again.

You deserve this level of intimacy to.

​Looking Forward to ​Supporting You on Your Journey Home,

​Sacred Sexuality Coach

Your Next Step:

Schedule a 20 minute Complimentary Consultation

...and see if this Program is right for you.


  I had Gaianna release my HeartShield. I'd never heard of this before so I wasn't sure what to expect. After the sessions, she told me to drink lots of water, and I remember feeling a little tired but nothing else. So I continued on with my day to day routine and didn't think any more about it. 
  My love life at this point was non-existent. I hadn't had a relationship for over 20 years, I wasn’t exactly sure if I’d have another.

  18 days after the heart wall release session I had a chance encounter with a man who, within minutes of meeting him, blew my mind. That's the only way I can explain the feeling I had.
  From that point on we've been seeing each other and the feeling of love is growing all the time. I couldn't believe how open to love I was after all the years of not having love around me.
  I recently found my "ideal list" for a partner that I wrote over a year ago, it was about as long and complicated as it could be. I mean, honestly, how could I ask for everything I wanted and expect results.... There was only one thing missing from the list and that was it. Every other single point I asked for, he possesses!
  I haven't felt like this in my whole life. This feeling even overpowers the love I had for the man who I considered to be my forever-love.

By the way, I'm 76 and this man is 20 years younger than I am.

Margo M.