The Succulent Peach
Six Week Breakthrough Program

What is Holding You Back from Loving as Fully as You want with
Your Body, Mind and Emotions?

You may have avoided asking this question. Afraid there isn’t an answer for you. Embarrassed to reach out and ask for help, fearing it would just increase the feeling of shame and disconnection that envelops your secret hope and longing for a Better Love Life.

When You Dare to Ask this Question, you gain the keys to Unlock the Love and Connection that has been secretly hiding in your heart, in hopes to be known, seen and experienced.

The Succulent Peach is a One-on-One
Coaching Program for Women who:

  • Are ready to dive into their uncensored truth and beauty.
  • Are open to trying new things to ignite the Succulent Woman within that they’ve longed to become.

This is for you if you:

~ Have a partner and long for more intimacy with him.​

~ Don’t have a partner and are ready to find a Beloved that Loves, Honors and Respects you as a Full Sensual Woman.​

 ~ Feel unfulfilled sexually and crave more pleasure in the bedroom.

~ Are afraid your body isn’t turned on enough for yourself or your partner.

~ Feel embarrassed about asking for what you want in the bedroom and ​are angry that ​your needs aren't being fulfilled. ​

Are You Convinced that...

~ Real change isn’t possible?

~ That the feeling of being alone in a relationship is normal?

~ Your Love Life is as good as it gets, that you should just to make peace with it?

~ Because if nobody else ​is seeing your pain, it’s not important enough to heal it?

...You might believe you’ve been stuck in this area for soooo long that it must be the sum total of all you could possibly experience.

I’m here to tell you, not only is change possible, it’s your birth right!

You can have a deep connection, with respect and love you’ve been secretly longing for. No matter what your age, beauty or quality of relationship up until now.

It’s time to turn the page on what hasn’t worked to start a fresh new chapter in your love life. You Can Be Seen and fully adored in the depths of who you are.

How do I know?

Once, I felt really stuck in my love life too.

I thought that pleasing my partner was the crucial aspect for making him happy.

I had no idea that through opening to pleasure and honoring the deepest parts of myself offered the keys to mature our relationship.

I started a relationship with hope only to have it turn into a dead-end filled with frustration and rejection.

The most essential part of myself would close down.

I spent days, months, years looking after his needs, ignoring mine. I had found myself in the role of “servant”, catering to my partners needs so he would stay with me.

It was hard to feel genuine pleasure during love making. I would freeze up and couldn’t ask for what I wanted or needed.

I felt so alone and numb.

I spend countless evenings sweeping my precious feelings under the rug hoping they would just go away, hoping that somehow things would be different next time.

They never were.

New partners came, the same thing happened. Each time they slipped through my fingers.

The cycles just kept repeating.

I started believing I didn’t deserve to be loved or seen for Who I Really was.

​I had a longing for a deep and honest connection that just didn’t seem possible. I was afraid I’d never be in a relationship that would fulfill my heart.

I felt helpless. On the outside I looked like a powerful woman, on the inside my life was out of control.

I was so side-tracked by what was going on in the relationship. I partially showed up to work, my friendships, and my day to day world.

I was totally unconscious to the wound that permeated my world and kept me from living into my fullness. All I knew was I became a shadow of the vibrant woman I knew myself to be.

The road felt so blocked that I couldn’t conceive of a way forward. I knew there was more but I didn’t know how to make the shift.

The answers certainly weren’t reflected in the world around me.

I vowed to take an intentional break from men until I sorted this out.

I humbled myself and sought counseling and healers. I read many books.

It took six years of being on my own to find what I was looking for...

I realized I’d been running from the deepest parts of myself. I felt inadequate as a partner and lover. I wouldn’t let anyone see or love me in this frozen up place. I kept lovers at arms length.

I found the most vulnerable part inside and healed, embracing myself with tender love and compassion.

I became open to being loved and seen for who I really was.

I admitted I hadn’t been taught essential skills for taking care of myself in a relationship. I learned them.

I discovered by opening and trusting my authentic pleasure it gave me the freedom to completely be myself in a relationship. I started to dance inside.

I learned to communicate my needs with an Open Heart. This created a safety net for exploring the most vulnerable parts of myself and my lover without judgment or fear.

My experience with lovers soon changed from feeling helpless and alone to being loved and honored.

I feel this caring for the wounded parts of myself has brought me home. I now love in the ways that are natural to my heart. I feel free and at ease in love.

I stepped into the woman my heart longed to be.

You don’t need to take six years to learn this

I’ve created The Succulent Peach Breakthrough Program to embrace the uniqueness of Your Journey. Determined by your aspirations, you’ll learn how to...​

- Reclaim your pleasure from the inside out, Relaxing into Your Relationship and Your Enjoyment of it.

- Find the Safety to Love freely, Open Hearted without restraint.

- Trust Your Sweet Intuitive Divine Feminine Being to Navigate Self~Care within a relationship.

- Treat your connection with your beloved with compassionate understanding to Accelerate Your Growth Together.

On this Six Week Journey you will:

Release fears, beliefs and old patterns that have kept you from loving and being loved.

Reclaim your radiant beauty and wisdom. Making you irresistible to your man.

Heal the part of you that is injured so you bring your full, sexy self to the bedroom.

Fall back in love with yourself so you can be seen and loved by your partner, deepening your availability for intimacy.

(If you’re single) you’ll shift the type of partner you attract to align with Your Authentic Inner Feminine Self as you step into this next chapter of your life.​

You can be held in Unconditional Love as You Heal.

You don’t have to do this alone.

There is nothing to loose but your attachments to old ways of being that have kept you hidden from love.

Your next step:

Schedule a 20 minute complimentary consultation

...and see if the Succulent Peach Breakthrough Program is right for you.

Looking forward to talking with you,

​​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​


I had been trying for years to let go of the fears, and past experiences that were holding me back from deeply enjoying my present relationship. I felt I was on the edge of breaking through old patterns, and stuck emotions. I finally realized that I needed help. Gaianna was my angel. After our preliminary phone consultation I felt my heart open up, and the tears started to flow. I trusted Gaianna immediately. She created a container of safety and wisdom for me to quickly unravel, and to reclaim a deep relationship with myself. Her level of understanding goes as far back as human history. Her experience with sacred sexuality, coaching and her ability to connect with me all contributed to my transformation, growth and healing. NOW I am in a place of clear communication, trust and love with myself and for this; my partnership and my pleasure for life and intimacy are blossoming again! Our 3 sessions brought learning and results beyond my expectations. I'm now going to embark on the 6 month Sacred Sexual Intelligence Program with her  🙂

Mira Shanti

Melanie M.

Something blessed and magical happened working with Gaianna Love!  Before working with her, my sexual energy seem inexplicable tied with various negative energies...shame, embarrassment, disgust...general yuckiness. Gaianna supported me to approach these areas of myself with Love and compassion, to befriend them and turn them into my allies. I am so greatful for how quick and easefull this was. I am feeling lighter and brighter, more Loving towards myself and my partner, and having a lot more fun!
Deep thanks Gaianna.

During my sessions with Gaianna, I felt surrounded by loving presence and confident in the process in which we were being guided through. I felt that my questions were answered and I swear i could feel my heart sighing sighs of relief during our time together. I felt held, seen and supported by Gaianna. She is a marvelous teacher and healer.

Jade W.