Growing Your Tribe - a Sister Support Group


Over the years of holding Women’s Sacred Sexuality groups, there is one thing that makes me feel just a little sad at the end of each of them.

The disappointment women feel when they leave the group and no longer have sister support.

There is no space to talk about their innermost feelings, to shift together into new places. The held space is gone.

I totally get it. I’ve experienced it in circles myself.

With being on our own with this work, there is a sense of disconnection, feeling isolated, like the new branch of growth has become just a little stunted ... and now we have to work extra hard to make things happen.

There is an awareness that something has been malnourished for a long, long time. Upon dipping our toes into the nutritiousness of being connected we realize it’s importance in our lives.

We become tribal and grow together.

When one woman moves forward, it creates more safety and permission for others to move forward and explore the awkward or uncomfortable parts of themselves.

This creates momentum of movement forward for all women in the group.

We move and shift into more compassion. Feeling love and self care easier and quicker than when we are on our own.

This is why group work is so powerful.

Creating an ongoing Women’s Circle has been on my mind for a long time.

I now have the glorious honour to share with you an online Sacred Sexuality Sisterhood group for women to connect with a sisterhood and be held with exactly where they are.

This group is for to those who long to:
- Deepen into more connectedness with their pleasure
- Open to more intimacy with their current partner
- Attract a partner aligned with their HeartSpace
- Understand what is really going on in themselves while in the bedroom
- Heal from emotional or physical wounding that is keeping them from enjoying intimacy

Being in this group offers a level of self care in your world.

It is the opportunity to make space for this important aspect of your intimate life. To give it some TLC.

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Like anything, what you put into it reflects what you get out of it.

Our sexuality has been taboo. To talk or share our feelings around what is actually going on for us is laced with fear that we might be different, or wrong.

Staying silent is one of the greatest deterrents to growth and freedom
in our intimate lives.​

Intimacy feeds us. Feeling loved, honoured and connected with our sexuality fuels the rest of our lives. It tunes us into our innate creativity and passion, reminding us of our wild-sensual-passionate woman inside.

I’m excited for you. This is a transformative experience.

Come and be in this group to see how it fits with you. The best part about this offering? This is a complimentary gift from me to you.

Join Our Group Here. We'd Love to Meet You!

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