Profound Sensuality
The Art of The Tigress


The first time I really met my sensual self was on the dance floor. It terrified me.

I was dancing as usual and had the inclination to move my hips a little rounder, a little wider. I froze up inside.

“If I do do this, EVERYONE on and off the dance floor will notice” I thought.

Even though it only meant moving maybe 3 inches out of my usual comfort zone.

I felt these 3 inches would send a shock wave through the crowd. Everyone would completely turn their heads to look at little ol’ me!

I looked around to see that everyone was completely self absorbed, totally in their own world.

I danced into these 3 inches a little then realized I’d need a safer place to experiment with this.  It blew me away that I had so much fear inhibiting me.

So I took it home. In my living room, I turned on some music that made me think of beautiful sensual female dancers. I started to experiment with my hips. My movements felt awkward and clunky. It was really uncomfortable.

Then the words popped into my mind “fake it till you make it.” I definitely felt like I was a fake at that moment.

But something miraculous happened. As I was “faking it,” some of the movements started to feel really good.

As I danced, I started to befriend “the awkward.” Each time I felt the “clunkiness” I instinctively knew it would un-layer yet another level of my Hidden Sensual Self.

This is how I started to become a sensual dancer.

This was an important experience that stayed with me through my life.

It has influenced how I held space for the circles of women who were opening up into their own sensual experiences. They felt equally as awkward until they found the light at the end of the tunnel that burst them through into their own authentic Sensuality.

Sensuality can be cultivated! It’s not that only some people have this gift.

This was such a revelation!

This experience made me clearly realize the Sensual Arts are not all “Chocolates and Grapes.”

To claim the senses as our own, to dive into their mysteries, means we need to shake off the fears that have been accumulated around our sensuality expression.

Sensuality is an inner pathway to freedom. It’s not what the media tells us. It’s not a merely a method for gaining a man’s interest.

It’s our birthright of beauty. It’s owning our full expression in each moment. And through our love and expression of these arts, cultivating them for our own personal freedom, it’s just hard for a man not to be in awe of a woman.

This is beauty from the inside out, not just looking the part.

And so it starts with finding a safe space to explore. Your living room, a woman’s circle, a community dance... wherever you know you are truly safe.

Let your body teach you how it wants to move. Find those extra 3 inches...

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