My Commitment to Your Privacy

Women who come to my workshops often want to know what will be expected of them.

In the beginning of each workshop I ask that all personal information shared by anyone in the room or on the call is kept private to our group.

Within these workshops it is an opportunity to share your experience. If you don’t feel comfortable with sharing there is no obligation to. You decide how little or how much you want to share.

But because this subject matter is so hidden in our society, women usually explode with wanting to talk about it.

Part of the healing that comes from these workshops is listening to others stories or concerns.

Learning we are not alone with our experiences brings much healing.

Take the time and space to honor yourself and your process.

There is no obligation to partake in any exercise that doesn’t feel right to you.

We won’t be able to go into deep personal processing with select individuals in this group.

It is important with any workshop around sexuality that you feel totally safe and empowered.
This allows you to gently blossom at your own pace.

That’s what this work is all about!​