Nobody Talks About
Their Sexuality


Have you ever felt that you’re totally alone when experiencing a deep emotional process? Have you ever realized that you’re actually not alone on your journey at all?

I remember when I felt completely alone while experiencing fears and questions around my sexuality. I felt frozen up, unsure who to talk to, my fears remained stagnant, unmoving because I wasn’t moving.​

I feared that if I talked to anyone it would just end up being awkward with a further disconnection.​

Nobody talks about their sexuality so it seemed that nobody was struggling with it. So I felt like an outcast with my struggle.​

Over the years of my healing I found solace and safety in women’s circles. But still it was rare that sexuality would come up as a topic unless I brought it up.

Healing happened in my life only after I took chance after chance to speak. I exposed my most vulnerable self. I accepted who I was.​

Each time I spoke, I felt more and more relieved, a little bit more normal every time. I started to feel that I was no longer alone.

Over the years 8

f my holding workshops and healing sessions, women would come in with very similar viewpoints as I previously had. They would fear that they were all alone, and their struggles were an anomaly that had to be hidden.

But this is not true.

We are apart and parcel of a larger evolutionary picture.

We are shaking off centuries of cultural programming and ancestral fears and beliefs.

This work is not as personal as we think. Our struggles take on various forms but for those who grew up in North America, the majority of our struggles are the same. Feeling alone around our sexuality, embarrassed to talk about it, angry, numb, and ashamed.

We can start to heal just by knowing that this is a cultural phenomenon, not personal.

We now live in a time where we can shed what has kept us from the depth of intimacy that we crave.

We must do this for our ancestors, for their unrealized hearts. We must do this for our future generations, even if we don’t have children, to hold space for a more connected and caring human race.

We Speed Up Our Personal Evolution Through Being in Circles.
When one of us shares our truths, it touches on the truth within each of us.
When one of us learns, we all learn.
When one of us heals it shows the rest of us that we can do it to.

We are Speeding Up Human Kind’s Evolution Through Healing Ourselves.

I am offering a Five Week Circle for Women who are
Ready to make Big Shifts in their Love Life

It’s for you if you are looking for a safe space to heal and deepen into understanding yourself as a sexually alive woman. It’s for you if you want to have a deeper connection with your own pleasure and sexual expression. It’s for you if you long to be honored and seen by your partner in a deeper more meaningful way.

It’s for you if you want to learn what Ancient Masters knew about Sacred Sexual Secrets.

​Because deep down you instinctively know there is something more to all of this.

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