Increase Your Intuition

​Increasing Your Intuition

At several points in my life I ​felt disconnected from my intuition. I couldn’t feel the right direction forward.  I lost touch with my ability to see the bigger picture.

It was scary. I felt like I was navigating without a compass, in the dark.

I made some poor choices. Sure I was learning from my mistakes but I longed to feel connected again, to feel the simplicity and ease of life.

When we lose something of importance, when we find it again it becomes harder to lose. We hold onto what nourishes us in our lives.

This is earned wisdom.

It's what happened to me.  Each time I revived my intuition I would find more tools for accessing this depth of wisdom inside.

One of these tools I LOVE is the pendulum.

During my work with clients I use my connection to our spirit guides to help direct the sessions. I often use a pendulum to navigate a client’s depths of what has been blocking her from fully being herself in the bedroom.

The pendulum is a really easy tool to get to know a greater accessible wisdom.  It can be used to access so much incite.

Some easy things you can use it for are: testing the best food for your body, allergy testing, best choices forward, checking the status of your chakras, healing the chakras, checking in with your higher self if your intuition is accurate, finding lost cell phones... and almost anything else you can think of that require yes or no answers.

It naturally connects us deeper with our intuition. It’s fun to play with to!

​I’ve taught many people to use it.

This isn’t something I teach my clients as they learn to grow their intuition in ways that can't be taught by video. How to use the pendulum is something I can easily pass on for you to grow and deepen this connection within yourself.

I made this video to show you how to use it 🙂

I also have a secret...

I started out making my favorite type of pendulum, just for myself. 
But then... this hobby grew... and grew... and grew! I’ve been making so many pendulums ​I now have a mountain of pendulums! So I decided to open an Etsy shop to pass them along to you 😉

There’s something really special about them.

They don’t pick up energy like regular pendulums do so you won’t need to clear them down very much if at all... It’s all in the video 🙂

​It is so my pleasure to be of service for you in this way,

​​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​

A Sister Support Group

Growing Your Tribe - a Sister Support Group


Over the years of holding Women’s Sacred Sexuality groups, there is one thing that makes me feel just a little sad at the end of each of them.

The disappointment women feel when they leave the group and no longer have sister support.

There is no space to talk about their innermost feelings, to shift together into new places. The held space is gone.

I totally get it. I’ve experienced it in circles myself.

With being on our own with this work, there is a sense of disconnection, feeling isolated, like the new branch of growth has become just a little stunted ... and now we have to work extra hard to make things happen.

There is an awareness that something has been malnourished for a long, long time. Upon dipping our toes into the nutritiousness of being connected we realize it’s importance in our lives.

We become tribal and grow together.

When one woman moves forward, it creates more safety and permission for others to move forward and explore the awkward or uncomfortable parts of themselves.

This creates momentum of movement forward for all women in the group.

We move and shift into more compassion. Feeling love and self care easier and quicker than when we are on our own.

This is why group work is so powerful.

Creating an ongoing Women’s Circle has been on my mind for a long time.

I now have the glorious honour to share with you an online Sacred Sexuality Sisterhood group for women to connect with a sisterhood and be held with exactly where they are.

This group is for to those who long to:
- Deepen into more connectedness with their pleasure
- Open to more intimacy with their current partner
- Attract a partner aligned with their HeartSpace
- Understand what is really going on in themselves while in the bedroom
- Heal from emotional or physical wounding that is keeping them from enjoying intimacy

Being in this group offers a level of self care in your world.

It is the opportunity to make space for this important aspect of your intimate life. To give it some TLC.

Facebook Group

Like anything, what you put into it reflects what you get out of it.

Our sexuality has been taboo. To talk or share our feelings around what is actually going on for us is laced with fear that we might be different, or wrong.

Staying silent is one of the greatest deterrents to growth and freedom
in our intimate lives.​

Intimacy feeds us. Feeling loved, honoured and connected with our sexuality fuels the rest of our lives. It tunes us into our innate creativity and passion, reminding us of our wild-sensual-passionate woman inside.

I’m excited for you. This is a transformative experience.

Come and be in this group to see how it fits with you. The best part about this offering? This is a complimentary gift from me to you.

Join Our Group Here. We'd Love to Meet You!

​​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​

Mary Magdalene Showed Up

When Mary Magdalene Showed up

~ For the past two years, I’ve been searching for a spiritual guide to assist me with my work with clients, workshops and planetary healing.

To help us deepen into the innate wisdom of our sacred sexual selves.

There were some deities and ascended masters who came close, but very few resonated to the core of me.

As you may know, deities are like archetypes. People revere them to embody the quality of what they represent.

I was looking for a guide who reflected the depth of my being. The known and unknown wisdom.

Then it happened. Last September Mary Magdalene showed up.

I was in meditation and she manifested herself in front me, sitting cross legged.

She looked right into the depth of my soul and I knew I was seen and loved.

I realized that she held a memory of who we are as women, the knowledge for embodying the depth of love; the priestess, the lover, the mother, the sister, the evolutionist.

As much as we long to be loved by the divine masculine in our lives, lesser known, is that we also long to be loved by the divine feminine.

The divine feminine is experienced as a soft and gentle hand being placed upon yours while you are deep in feeling. She is the heart connection that you feel when there is genuine care for your well being.

When I realized that she had come to work with me, my heart blew open and I fell in love with her.

Over the months that followed, she came in and out of my awareness. As time passed, I became more acquainted with her energy, embracing the quality of love she represented.

When I started to bring her into my work with clients, the sessions shifted. I was guided to work with my clients in ways I hadn’t imagined.

This required great trust on my part to let go of any ideas I had for each session, allowing myself to be guided by Mary Magdalene and our higher selves.

I was guided in every moment, constantly tuning in to be sure I was on the right path for each client.

With greater accuracy I learned to identify what was needed to heal a woman’s sexual experience. I could see which practices would resonate with her biological and spiritual makeup.

I learned how to hold transformational space
in a completely new way.

In my recent connections with Mary Magdalene the energy in my body has been shifting to align with her energy. I have been witnessing the fragility of who I am from a new compassionate perspective.

I feel tender within this connection to her.

This experience feels like soft and fragrant rose petals in my hands that want to be shared as a blessing to you.

Her energy is exactly what is needed to shift
our sensuality back into alignment.

Starting from exactly where we are now.

I know each woman has access to the same depth she represents. I recognize it in myself.

To start working with Mary Magdalene, call upon her. Ask her to join you in your journey into sexual healing and authenticity.

It’s up to us to unleash the memory of our wise integral sexuality... ​because in it we access our depths where our beautiful vulnerable self is awaiting remembrance within us.

We all know it in our bones, even when we have forgotten about it.

Do you feel called to dive in and awaken this memory within you?

I'm extending an invitation for you to deepen the intimacy, love and respect in your love life; find out more by signing up for a complementary 20 minute consultation to see how I can be of service to you.

Sign up for Your Consultation Here

Blessings on your journey into greater love,

​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​

Feeling Embarrassed about a Breakup

Feeling Embarrassed about a Breakup

I recently broke up with my partner. It was messy and terrible. I felt like a failure in so many ways.

I thought I had refined “The Breakup Process” with partners to an elegant, caring, respectful experience. This was the case …until this recent breakup occurred.

I was lied to. I was betrayed. It was embarrassing to consider talking to those around me. I couldn’t believe it had happened to me.

I was shocked that my trust was so abused.

I was feeling a lot of pressure from being in the roll of a Sacred Sexuality Coach... to be perfect. To have a partner that was perfect. I felt I had to have my sexual life totally and utterly together.

I felt like a big fat failure, there was no getting around it.

​I took a lot of space from him and my community. I grieved, screamed into pillows, sat in despair. I reached out and went for healing to speed my recovery along.

I went full on into the deepest feelings and out the other side. I didn’t want to carry this anger and resentment forward into any of my future relationships.

I loved myself back to health. There is so much I learned along the way.

I feel better, hopeful and even excited for this next time period. I'm now spending time reconnecting with my body, mind, emotions and spirit in a deeper way. It's a time of reevaluation and self expression.

A time just to be me.

I feel like the universe sets these things up for me to learn so I can understand and coach women from a greater capacity. And especially for those women who have experienced a messy breakup.

During this journey of my own recovery I made Videos on how to Recover from a Broken Heart. They are raw in parts, I cried, I laughed and I share keys for how to recover faster and not leave any part of yourself behind.

In the Videos I Shared...

- How to move through grief, anger and despair in a way you can fully release them, not letting them follow you into the future.

- How to Cut Toxic Energy Cords between you and your Ex that are thwarting your recovery. (Even if it's been years)

- How Rebound can create more confusion and keep you from fully recovering.

- How to have a Completion Talk

- When to ask for help.

These are the elements I found paramount to my recovery.
It is a gift for you if you ever need it.

It is a gift to share with dear friends to help them to recover from a heartbreak. It's not always easy to know what to say to help them recover.

These videos say it.

Bookmark the page for anytime you may need it in the future.

I feel really humbled. I want you to know I’ve taken myself off of the pedestal and have my feet firmly planted on the ground.

​I feel better this way, then we can grow together.

My flaws are my growth edge.

You can Watch the Videos Here

I love you deeply,​

​​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​

My Favorite New Year’s Ritual

My Favorite New Year's Ritual


I’ve always had some sort of Ritual to bring in the New Year to send off my Intentions for how I'd like my year to unfold.

The Universe listens and likes when we talk to it.

My Favorite Ritual is Super Simple.

Just take time during New Years Day and do the important things that you want to be experiencing in the New Year.

For example... if I wanted to work on publishing my oracle card deck, I work on that. If I want to open to more love in my life, I dream up something that would represent that and do it. Like dance a song with an imaginary (or real) beloved, or playing with an animal or child. If I need to chill out more, I’ll relax and meditate or just be.

It doesn’t matter how much time you do each thing. Just put all of you into it.

How does this work?
The universe talks in symbols. So when we blend Action with the Intention to bless our new years then something magical happens. You are communicating with the universe on it’s level, speaking it’s language.

Some people think that the actual New Years transition isn’t as powerful as Solstice because it’s based on a calendar that isn’t aligned with the cosmos.

But both dates have Qualities that we can use to Catapult our Intentions.

It's true, our New Years day isn’t aligned with the stars. But if you think of the amount of people on our planet who are putting their attention this day as a break through day, a day of new beginnings, then you’ve got an idea of why it’s powerful.

What we put our attention on grows.

So try it out. You might find it feels really good to do. If you have a family or partner you might want to invite them to join you. We’re mightier in bunches 🙂

May this New Year fill you with the Joy, Love and Happiness that Your Heart longs for.

​​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​