​Coming Home ​Meditation Journey

Nourish Your Inner Temple

This meditation is a essential step on the path of bringing sacredness into sexual experiences. We need to be at home in ourselves to share our heart and bodies freely and fully.

In this practice you will create a strong foundation, bringing you back home to yourself. Through deepening the levels of safety, comfort within you create an acceptance for who you are and all emotions you feel.

You can use this meditation whenever you are feeling scattered, afraid, unsupported, insecure, and want extra confidence with walking your path.

This ​meditation is particularly helpful for those who have suffered from physical or emotional trauma around their sexuality and crave to know the groundedness and safety of being in their bodies.

Use this meditation for 30 days in a row to integrate a succulent state of being "at home in yourself" and your daily life.

This meditation Mp3 consists of 17 minutes of guided meditation along with soothing music that activates the unfolding of the deeper layers of your consciousness.

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Enjoy the Blessings,


Gaianna's Coming Home Meditation opens a peaceful and powerful conversation with both self and spirit. Her soft, sweet voice instantly grounds and relaxes into a deep feeling of trust and reverence. It is rare that a guided meditation satisfies my desire for recognition of Heaven, Earth and Self, with a voice that echoes this truth - Coming Home does. Thank you Gaianna Love!

Arcadia C.

Khya S.

This meditation journey was exactly what I needed in the middle of a high stress life transition; to be requested into stillness and invited to find sanctuary amidst the two things I can't escape, my body and mind. Thank you for facilitating from afar a journey to quiet my mind and remember to trust and listen to my body.