When Mary Magdalene Showed up

~ For the past two years, I’ve been searching for a spiritual guide to assist me with my work with clients, workshops and planetary healing.

To help us deepen into the innate wisdom of our sacred sexual selves.

There were some deities and ascended masters who came close, but very few resonated to the core of me.

As you may know, deities are like archetypes. People revere them to embody the quality of what they represent.

I was looking for a guide who reflected the depth of my being. The known and unknown wisdom.

Then it happened. Last September Mary Magdalene showed up.

I was in meditation and she manifested herself in front me, sitting cross legged.

She looked right into the depth of my soul and I knew I was seen and loved.

I realized that she held a memory of who we are as women, the knowledge for embodying the depth of love; the priestess, the lover, the mother, the sister, the evolutionist.

As much as we long to be loved by the divine masculine in our lives, lesser known, is that we also long to be loved by the divine feminine.

The divine feminine is experienced as a soft and gentle hand being placed upon yours while you are deep in feeling. She is the heart connection that you feel when there is genuine care for your well being.

When I realized that she had come to work with me, my heart blew open and I fell in love with her.

Over the months that followed, she came in and out of my awareness. As time passed, I became more acquainted with her energy, embracing the quality of love she represented.

When I started to bring her into my work with clients, the sessions shifted. I was guided to work with my clients in ways I hadn’t imagined.

This required great trust on my part to let go of any ideas I had for each session, allowing myself to be guided by Mary Magdalene and our higher selves.

I was guided in every moment, constantly tuning in to be sure I was on the right path for each client.

With greater accuracy I learned to identify what was needed to heal a woman’s sexual experience. I could see which practices would resonate with her biological and spiritual makeup.

I learned how to hold transformational space
in a completely new way.

In my recent connections with Mary Magdalene the energy in my body has been shifting to align with her energy. I have been witnessing the fragility of who I am from a new compassionate perspective.

I feel tender within this connection to her.

This experience feels like soft and fragrant rose petals in my hands that want to be shared as a blessing to you.

Her energy is exactly what is needed to shift
our sensuality back into alignment.

Starting from exactly where we are now.

I know each woman has access to the same depth she represents. I recognize it in myself.

To start working with Mary Magdalene, call upon her. Ask her to join you in your journey into sexual healing and authenticity.

It’s up to us to unleash the memory of our wise integral sexuality... ​because in it we access our depths where our beautiful vulnerable self is awaiting remembrance within us.

We all know it in our bones, even when we have forgotten about it.

Do you feel called to dive in and awaken this memory within you?

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Blessings on your journey into greater love,

​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​