​Love  Life  Readings

​Gain the insight you need to step into the Love ​& Honor you are craving in a Relationship!​

Are You Wondering​:

  • ​​The best way for you to ​attract ​the Partner of Your Dreams
  • ​​How to ​breathe more love & connection into your current relationship
  • ​​How to navigate a hard time in or out of a relationship

Receive the incites you need to create the changes you want through a Love Life Reading...

We’ll look at the deeper lessons you are learning and any blocks that are keeping you from experiencing deep fulfilling love in your life.

This is an opportunity to see any blind spots with a compassionate eye.

You’ll receive clarity ​as to the reasons behind what's going on​, empowering you to experience more respect, honor and connection in your Love Life!

My intention is to ​support you to make the choices that feel right ​for you. 

It can feel overwhelming trying to navigate your love life without a larger view point on what's going on. That's where I come in to help you connect with the grander eagle eye picture, offering you solutions & what you need to know.

You will leave this reading with deeper understanding of the steps you need to take

​​Are you ready to receive the guidance and steps you need to access the Love, Honor & Connection you’re craving in your relationship?

​You will not only be accessing my knowledge bank of wisdom but ​I'll be ​working with your ​personal angels & spiritual guides ​for your ​highest ​​possibility & outcome forward.

​Your reading ​is 60 minutes long​ & your investment in receiving the answers for greater union, love, clarity or closure is $125.  

These readings are done via Skype (preferably so you can see the cards) or by phone.

​*** In a reading and it’s easy to forget important questions you may have. When you book your appointment with me ​be sure to write down the questions you’d like to ask​, prioritizing ​them in a list of importance​.

If you know about a blind spot or pattern that you want to understand more fully then ​write that down to.

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Looking forward to helping you shift
to the next level of your Love Life!

Sacred Love Coach
Oracle & Priestess