Keep YourJuiciness as You Age


“I didn’t know this could be helped, I just thought it was the natural process of getting old,”
is the reaction I get from many women after they learn about what I do.

I had been educated to teach in the sexual realms. I thought I’d eventually work with women to bring deeper intimacy and self care into their sexual lives.

But when I learned about the lack of education around the vagina and how it can deteriorate after menopause, it shook me to the bone.

“How many women out there are left feeling helpless and voiceless about this?” I thought. “Our society never talks about this!”

After many conversations with women who are frustrated and afraid, expressed their frustration, I realized women have separated themselves from their sexuality.

They fear that after menopause their intimate lives are over. That they have lost the essence of their feminine.​

How does this happen?

The vagina is located in the centre of our bodies.

If you think of more In tribal cultures people spent time dancing and hunting, moving their bodies each day.

In our society we’re often sitting, using the computer, watching movies etc. for hours on end. Our bodies weren’t made for this.

We need blood flow to replenish old cells and bring life to our body parts. And because of the genitals positioning in the lower centre of the body, they don’t get the blood flow like our arms or legs do.​

And so stagnation occurs.

One of the most vital preventative exercises is self pleasure. Usually all you need is about 20 minutes of blood flow into your lady parts a week to keep them in good condition as you move through life. But if you are experiencing discomfort with self pleasure or in general in your lady parts there may be deterioration occurring.​

It is not the end of the world!!!!

There’s a really good chance you can recover, but it means valuing yourself enough to know that you matter. The biggest challenge women have with recovery is putting themselves first. In a society where women are taught to take care of everyone else’s needs first, it means you’ll need to tap into your inner Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, or Wonder Woman. You are important enough to reclaim your intimate life and inner prowess.​

First talk to your doctor to get a diagnosis.
I am here to support your journey back to intimacy being pain free.

You are not alone.​

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