​Increasing Your Intuition

At several points in my life I ​felt disconnected from my intuition. I couldn’t feel the right direction forward.  I lost touch with my ability to see the bigger picture.

It was scary. I felt like I was navigating without a compass, in the dark.

I made some poor choices. Sure I was learning from my mistakes but I longed to feel connected again, to feel the simplicity and ease of life.

When we lose something of importance, when we find it again it becomes harder to lose. We hold onto what nourishes us in our lives.

This is earned wisdom.

It's what happened to me.  Each time I revived my intuition I would find more tools for accessing this depth of wisdom inside.

One of these tools I LOVE is the pendulum.

During my work with clients I use my connection to our spirit guides to help direct the sessions. I often use a pendulum to navigate a client’s depths of what has been blocking her from fully being herself in the bedroom.

The pendulum is a really easy tool to get to know a greater accessible wisdom.  It can be used to access so much incite.

Some easy things you can use it for are: testing the best food for your body, allergy testing, best choices forward, checking the status of your chakras, healing the chakras, checking in with your higher self if your intuition is accurate, finding lost cell phones... and almost anything else you can think of that require yes or no answers.

It naturally connects us deeper with our intuition. It’s fun to play with to!

​I’ve taught many people to use it.

This isn’t something I teach my clients as they learn to grow their intuition in ways that can't be taught by video. How to use the pendulum is something I can easily pass on for you to grow and deepen this connection within yourself.

I made this video to show you how to use it 🙂

I also have a secret...

I started out making my favorite type of pendulum, just for myself. 
But then... this hobby grew... and grew... and grew! I’ve been making so many pendulums ​I now have a mountain of pendulums! So I decided to open an Etsy shop to pass them along to you 😉

There’s something really special about them.

They don’t pick up energy like regular pendulums do so you won’t need to clear them down very much if at all... It’s all in the video 🙂

​It is so my pleasure to be of service for you in this way,

​​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​