Gratitude for Gaianna!

    I am tuned into and experiencing more joy and pleasure than before. I am finely able to hear my needs, desires, and concerns clearly; and to communicate them. I’m happy that I committed to the 6 month Sacred Sexual Intelligence program.
    I cleared so much of what was holding me back. And now I have the tools to continue this process! I have come away with a new comfort in my body and in particular, with my yoni; even just using this word has helped me to honor and love this divine place of intelligence and pleasure. Life changing.    
    With Gaianna’s varied and dynamic approach to healing, it’s hardly summarizing to say ‘sacred sexuality coach’ ! I have healed, and strengthened every aspect of my self through working with her.
    I felt perfectly safe and supported by Gaianna, so I allowed myself to be vulnerable. Now, After all of my personal breakthroughs, I finally recognize how universal ‘my’ challenges actually were. I can see how much of our history, and our culturally programmed beliefs are still having a sneaky and devastating impact on our sexuality. It has been so freeing to uncover the hows and whys of my personal stories, and to now live in a fuller, more joyful, playful, expressive, juicy, confident way.

Mira Macky

Kristin T.

    Committing to my sessions with Gaianna was a beautiful and powerful step in my self care that I feel proud of myself for taking. She creates such a loving and supportive atmosphere that I felt totally safe in.
    I approached her about an issue I have experienced in my body related to my sexuality that I was unsure anyone could truly help me with. However by the end of our sessions I witnessed definite shifts in my body that brought a physical pain symptom from high intensity to low intensity. Amazing!!
    I always felt like I had received kind of a 'spiritual boost' after sessions as well.
    The emotional and energetic clearing done in a session is deeply intuitive and ease-ful. My sense is that it addresses things on a 'quantum' level, which then allows the body to re-align in balance.
    Gaianna is an absolute joy to work with and deeply cares about the healing of the feminine. I would absolutely recommend to any woman seeking an intuitive, spirit-led coach and supporter of your healing journey related to love and sexual empowerment.

    During my sessions with Gaianna, I felt surrounded by loving presence and confident in the process in which we were being guided through. I felt that my questions were answered and I swear i could feel my heart sighing sighs of relief during our time together. I felt held, seen and supported by Gaianna. She is a marvellous teacher and healer.

Jade W.

Melanie M.

    Something blessed and magical happened working with Gaianna Love! Before working with her, my sexual energy seem inexplicable tied with various negative energies…shame, embarrassment, disgust…general yuckiness.
    Gaianna supported me to approach these areas of myself with Love and compassion, to befriend them and turn them into my allies. I am so grateful for how quick and ease-full this was. I am feeling lighter and brighter, more loving towards myself and my partner, and having a lot more fun!
    Deep thanks Gaianna!

    I highly recommend any workshop taught by Gaianna, she is truly a passionate and incredibly caring lady. She creates an atmosphere that is peaceful and open, and allows people to express themselves on their own terms and without shame or fear. She creates a place of ease and comfort that ultimately facilitates a place of growth for her clients, both in sexuality, and in life. I would take any workshop from this professional, creative and open minded woman!

Lindsay Rose
Sexual Health Educator

Lisa Sliwowska

Figs n' Honey

    I just wanted to share about my experience at Gaianna’s women’s workshop. I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful ladies who came and took part in this course. I wasn’t sure what to expect, however was sure Gaianna would put her usual intuitive, wise and gentle nature to make an awkward topic fun! It was certainly that.
    I came away with some wonderful knowledge and tools and am excited for all women to realize that sexual relations are indeed a path to enlightenment in a most sensual, blissful way!
    Be brave beautiful ladies and go deep into the unknown, because just when you thought you knew it all… find out that blissfully, you don't!! Much love Gaianna for bringing this topic and holding these workshops.

    Gaianna Love is truly a gifted teacher. She has a knack of imparting deep wisdom, while still honoring the wisdom and feelings of everyone in the room. For our group she held such a warm and honest space that we all felt free to share our most intimate experiences and gain true insight into our situations. I would recommend her teachings wholeheartedly.

Mira Macky

    I had been trying for years to let go of the fears, and past experiences that were holding me back from deeply enjoying my present relationship. I felt I was on the edge of breaking through old patterns, and stuck emotions. I finally realized that I needed help. Gaianna was my angel. After our preliminary phone consultation I felt my heart open up, and the tears started to flow. I trusted Gaianna immediately.
    She created a container of safety and wisdom for me to quickly unravel, and to reclaim a deep relationship with myself. Her level of understanding goes as far back as human history. Her experience with sacred sexuality, coaching and her ability to connect with me all contributed to my transformation, growth and healing.

    NOW I am in a place of clearer communication, trust and love with myself and for this; my partnership and my pleasure for life and intimacy are blossoming again! Our 3 sessions brought learning and results beyond my expectations.
    I’m now going to embark on the 6 month Sacred Sexual Intelligence Program with her!

    Gaianna has such a wonderful presence. She made it fun and easy for us to talk about our relationship. I really felt like it was such a treat for us to spend time really thinking and talking about our connection and ways of making it even stronger! I emailed her on a whim and I’m so glad I did as she had such great ideas and knowledge to share.

Billie Woods


    When I first met Gaianna, I felt so overwhelmed by fear of my sexual power, that I had shut it down. During our sessions, Gaianna's welcoming presence allowed me to feel safe enough to connect with a deep place of pain that I was holding in my sexuality. The build up of toxic energy and negative emotion was so stuck that I was not able to enjoy sexual pleasure and was retreating from intimate relationships. I had chronic bladder infections and I wondered why I felt so shy about my sexuality or that I could not trust myself.
    She showed me how to listen and respect the intelligent voice that is within my body. Through Gaianna's loving presence, I was able to express and clear the emotion that my body was unconsciously holding. I was amazed by what came up and afterwards I felt so free and happy. With two or three more sessions, I am confident that I will be able to transform my relationship with my sexual power and begin to attract new relationships that are self-honouring, loving and sacred. I highly recommend Gaianna's healing services to any woman experiencing sexual pain in their physical or emotional bodies.

    Thank YOU Gaianna! I learned so much at this workshop. I know I need more opportunities like this one. Sharing and learning about my sexuality is something I don’t do enough. I’m grateful for your wisdom and gentle approach to this sacred and important subject. Looking forward to your future offerings!

Treena Nourish

Life Coach

    I received inner guidance to pay attention to my genitals, the next morning a friend told me about Gaianna, whom I contacted by phone right away. Gaianna asked questions, listened attentively, assigned some preliminary homework, and then we met in person. Gaianna was open and warmly welcoming. I fell into her deep smiling eyes and felt at ease immediately, even with this most vulnerable topic. After that, each time we had a Skype session, Gaianna listened, asked questions from our previous session, and guided me with gentle wisdom to actions I could take to help me heal, learn and revitalize this neglected part of myself.
    In the process, I began to heal from the hurts and shame inherited from generations before me. I am learning what it means to be a sexual being and asking for what I need from my current sex partner. I highly recommend Gaianna as a compassionate companion in sexual enlightenment.

    Thank you Gaianna from the bottom of our hearts. Our experience with your Tantric Prayer was very powerful indeed. So much joy and love was coursing through our bodies and hearts it was very intimate and potent yet highly grounding as well. We lay there gazing into each other’s eyes mostly smiling sometimes laughing with tears of joy streaming down our cheeks. When we thought our 30 minutes were completed we discovered it had been 50 minutes and we felt we could have gone on much longer still. Neither of us felt sexual energy just pure heart opening and expanding. We definitely plan on doing this again for sure!

    If you and your partner want to experience a new level of intimacy in your relationship we highly recommend trying some of Gaianna’s gracefully guided and loving practices.

Stephanie McColl

Animal Whisperer

Premilla P.

    Attending Gaianna workshop was interesting and inspiring especially since it involved women of different ages and backgrounds. In exploring what this meant for me, a woman in her so called golden years, I discovered that ones sensuality is part of a woman’s essence expressing her divinity or her creative force and this can be joyfully expressed with or without sex. Life itself can be orgasmic in just being who we are.
    In the tantric sense be it with a lover or in joyful solitude, sexuality/sensuality is the experience of total freedom connected as oneness by spirit. Gaianna’s ease, comfort and passion for the topic encouraged open sharing within a safe and pleasant environment encouraging interesting and dynamic dialogue.