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The Orgasmic Webinar Series

You can create a juicy world that you ADORE through using Orgasmic Energy.

In this Orgasmic series you will learn where we are with our personal and planetary evolution, how to tap into your orgasmic energy, reclaiming your natural pleasure-abilities, and learn how to use them with setting your
intentions for a bright collective future.
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Dealing with Heartbreak Series

In these videos you will learn all of the tools I found imperative to moving on after one of the deepest heartbreaks I have ever experienced. I filmed these videos while I was recovering from this breakup so I am raw and uncensored.

I laugh, cry and teach the things that are important for pulling yourself out from depression, anger, frustration and grief… so that you can come out cleaner and more complete, totally reclaiming yourself to get back to living your life faster.

This page is a gift you can give others who are in deep pain
...when you don't know what to say.​  
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