Feeling Embarrassed about a Breakup

I recently broke up with my partner. It was messy and terrible. I felt like a failure in so many ways.

I thought I had refined “The Breakup Process” with partners to an elegant, caring, respectful experience. This was the case …until this recent breakup occurred.

I was lied to. I was betrayed. It was embarrassing to consider talking to those around me. I couldn’t believe it had happened to me.

I was shocked that my trust was so abused.

I was feeling a lot of pressure from being in the roll of a Sacred Sexuality Coach... to be perfect. To have a partner that was perfect. I felt I had to have my sexual life totally and utterly together.

I felt like a big fat failure, there was no getting around it.

​I took a lot of space from him and my community. I grieved, screamed into pillows, sat in despair. I reached out and went for healing to speed my recovery along.

I went full on into the deepest feelings and out the other side. I didn’t want to carry this anger and resentment forward into any of my future relationships.

I loved myself back to health. There is so much I learned along the way.

I feel better, hopeful and even excited for this next time period. I'm now spending time reconnecting with my body, mind, emotions and spirit in a deeper way. It's a time of reevaluation and self expression.

A time just to be me.

I feel like the universe sets these things up for me to learn so I can understand and coach women from a greater capacity. And especially for those women who have experienced a messy breakup.

During this journey of my own recovery I made Videos on how to Recover from a Broken Heart. They are raw in parts, I cried, I laughed and I share keys for how to recover faster and not leave any part of yourself behind.

In the Videos I Shared...

- How to move through grief, anger and despair in a way you can fully release them, not letting them follow you into the future.

- How to Cut Toxic Energy Cords between you and your Ex that are thwarting your recovery. (Even if it's been years)

- How Rebound can create more confusion and keep you from fully recovering.

- How to have a Completion Talk

- When to ask for help.

These are the elements I found paramount to my recovery.
It is a gift for you if you ever need it.

It is a gift to share with dear friends to help them to recover from a heartbreak. It's not always easy to know what to say to help them recover.

These videos say it.

Bookmark the page for anytime you may need it in the future.

I feel really humbled. I want you to know I’ve taken myself off of the pedestal and have my feet firmly planted on the ground.

​I feel better this way, then we can grow together.

My flaws are my growth edge.

You can Watch the Videos Here

I love you deeply,​

​​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​