My Favorite New Year's Ritual


I’ve always had some sort of Ritual to bring in the New Year to send off my Intentions for how I'd like my year to unfold.

The Universe listens and likes when we talk to it.

My Favorite Ritual is Super Simple.

Just take time during New Years Day and do the important things that you want to be experiencing in the New Year.

For example... if I wanted to work on publishing my oracle card deck, I work on that. If I want to open to more love in my life, I dream up something that would represent that and do it. Like dance a song with an imaginary (or real) beloved, or playing with an animal or child. If I need to chill out more, I’ll relax and meditate or just be.

It doesn’t matter how much time you do each thing. Just put all of you into it.

How does this work?
The universe talks in symbols. So when we blend Action with the Intention to bless our new years then something magical happens. You are communicating with the universe on it’s level, speaking it’s language.

Some people think that the actual New Years transition isn’t as powerful as Solstice because it’s based on a calendar that isn’t aligned with the cosmos.

But both dates have Qualities that we can use to Catapult our Intentions.

It's true, our New Years day isn’t aligned with the stars. But if you think of the amount of people on our planet who are putting their attention this day as a break through day, a day of new beginnings, then you’ve got an idea of why it’s powerful.

What we put our attention on grows.

So try it out. You might find it feels really good to do. If you have a family or partner you might want to invite them to join you. We’re mightier in bunches 🙂

May this New Year fill you with the Joy, Love and Happiness that Your Heart longs for.

​​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​