Welcome, I am Gaianna Love

I know what it's like to be filled with curiosity tempered with a healthy dose of uncertainty as to who to trust with the depth of your ​intimate experience & expression.

​​In 2005 I was engaged in a ​love life that left me feeling unfulfilled each time we were intimately together. I really cared for this man.

I tried to please him in the ways he desired. I was left feeling unsatisfied and thought it wasn't working because there was something wrong with me. I feared that I wasn't good enough. My needs had been left unfulfilled, my longing to be seen and the true connection and companionship of the depth our hearts remained untouched.

I knew there was more for me. I started to search for a teacher I could trust with my heart as well as my ​personal growth.

I also knew there must be something spirituality interlaced with ​intimacy because some of my experiences in this arena had taken me to such exquisite heights that I felt more conscious, expanded and connected as an individual after them.  So I started my journey.

Back then the internet was just budding so the best place to find the knowledge I was seeking was in a local spiritual bookstore.​ After hours of searching I finally came across knowledge that resonated with my heart, body and spirit.

I was hooked, my life started to transform around me.

When the relationship ended I felt relieved. The last time we made love I was completely fulfilled. My experience had changed because I had changed from the inside out.

​I had ​remembered ​wisdom hidden in my bones.

I found the more teachers, I put my Heart and Soul into the Practices and Reclaimed my relationship with my Sensuality and Sexuality.

After I spent years practicing Tantric techniques for myself, I started to introduce some concepts with my lovers. I'm not going to lie, it takes time to change patterns and integrate new ​beliefs and ​experiences.

Today I choose relationships with partners who hold space for my pleasure. I choose a man who honors my process and values the importance of my speaking whatever is true for me in and out of the bedroom. My ​intimate experience has become rich and deep because of this.

​It is so tender and so precious to explore intimate bonds this way. ​

I no longer feel the need to settle for anything less.

Sacred ​Loving has now become my Path of Healing.

Today I Support Women on their own
Journey of ​Sacred  Love Awakenings.

Leading workshops, circles and ceremony I guide women as they discover their inner Sacred ​Loving Priestess.

I create a Safe Place for Your Heart to rest easy in your body and your ​sensuality.  To be tended like a sweet garden full of strawberry scented roses.

​As an intuitive I tap into your natural process and allow the Divine to Guide Your Journey back to the woman you were born to be.

As a healer I help you remove your inner blocks so your body/ mind/ emotions can become restored as you to step into you natural, sensual connection to your essential self.

You are Wondrous. You are Special.

You Deserve the Love that is Possible when sexual healing & understanding occurs, bringing the depth of intimacy that you've been craving.

I am Passionate about ​Sacred  Loving  Liberation.

I am a Certified Sexual Health Educator through Options for Sexual Health (Opts), an organization that teaches all ages in and out of schools about the Science of Sexual Health.

I am a Certified Tantric Coach, Teacher and Taoist Priestess under The School of Tao Tantric Arts & Mantak Chia’s school of Healing Tao, sharing the wisdom of our innate sexual intelligence.

I am a Certified Evolutionary Priestess​ under the Priestessing of Ambe Ray.

"I’m on a mission for women to experience the love they dream about. Because this releases them
to fully be themselves and finally love in the way they crave. And when women are fully engaged in love,
the world can be at peace. So I’m on a mission to bring peace to the world through sexual healing."​

In Service to Your Sacred ​Loving Self,

​​Oracle & Priestess
​Sacred ​Love Coach ​