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​Activate Your Heart​ Codes

​​​There is an ​accelerated version of love that ​we haven't, until now, ​been able to access.  We​'ve been taught to ​conclude that ​the ​sum total of our past experiences is ​what is possible for ​our future ​experiences. ​

There is another way​​​ that is now available.

Activating your heart codes opens you up to accessing a new level of love​ and ​living. We can live our lives partially open hoping to experience love outside of ourselves not realizing we can clear our hearts from heartache and activate the natural coherent ​wisdom they are inately set up for. 

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What ​​People Are Saying

What do ​my past ​clients think of ​my ​programs?

I had Gaianna release my Heart​ Wall. I'd never heard of this before so I wasn't sure what to expect. After the sessions, she told me to drink lots of water, and I remember feeling a little tired but nothing else. So I continued on with my day to day routine and didn't think any more about it.  
  My love life at this point was non-existent. I hadn't had a relationship for over 20 years, I wasn’t exactly sure if I’d have another.

  18 days after the heart wall release session I had a chance encounter with a man who, within minutes of meeting him, blew my mind. That's the only way I can explain the feeling I had.
  From that point on we've been seeing each other and the feeling of love is growing all the time. I couldn't believe how open to love I was after all the years of not having love around me.
  I recently found my "ideal list" for a partner that I wrote over a year ago, it was about as long and complicated as it could be. I mean, honestly, how could I ask for everything I wanted and expect results.... There was only one thing missing from the list and that was it. Every other single point I asked for, he possesses!
  I haven't felt like this in my whole life. This feeling even overpowers the love I had for the man who I considered to be my forever-love.
  By the way, I'm 76 and this man is 20 years younger than I am ;)

​Margo M.

​Psychic Reader

​I had been trying for years to let go of the fears, and past experiences that were holding me back from deeply enjoying my present relationship. I felt I was on the edge of breaking through old patterns, and stuck emotions. I finally realized that I needed help. Gaianna was my angel. After our preliminary phone consultation I felt my heart open up, and the tears started to flow. I trusted Gaianna immediately.
    She created a container of safety and wisdom for me to quickly unravel, and to reclaim a deep relationship with myself... Her experience with sacred sexuality, coaching and her ability to connect with me all contributed to my transformation, growth and healing.

​    NOW I am in a place of clearer communication, trust and love with myself and for this; my partnership and my pleasure for life and intimacy are blossoming again! Our 3 sessions brought learning and results beyond my expectations!

​Mira M.


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