Sweet Sister...

Have you ​lost your connection to passion?

Do you long for more emotional intimacy and pleasure with your partner?

Are you feeling alone and afraid to ask for what you want in the bedroom?

Perhaps you are single and long for Your Next Relationship to be Aligned with Your Heart and Body?


~  Relaxing into Your Authentic Pleasure that Nourishes every aspect of who you are...

~  Feeling Honored and Respected during your most intimate moments...

Being Seen and Deeply Adored by your partner...

~  Having the Freedom to Request and Receive what brings you the most pleasure...

~  Embracing Lighthearted Playfulness with your partner...


Reclaiming the Authentic Sexuality you were born to experience
free from shame and judgement.

I am Gaianna Love

I hear all the time that women think there's something more to sex.
Something they feel innately, but remains untapped within them.
No matter what their efforts they can't ​find the physical and emotional intimacy they long for.

It’s an Ancient Knowledge of who we are
that has been lost.

You are Longing to Regain this Part of You!

It’s not out there. It’s hidden within your Natural Ability to Feel and Express Yourself.
An ability we are taught, as young girls, to tap down, control and ignore.

Society teaches us that we need to close down and control our desires.
That our pleasure isn't safe, to enter into it ​is too dangerous​.

The Truth.

Tapping into Your Natural Sensuality Increases Your Confidence, not just in your intimate relationship, but every area of your life. When you tap into ​this depth​ you become more relaxed, able to produce results and are more in control of your life.

The intimate relationship with your partner Improves Exponentially. Your connection with your children is deeper. Your friendships are more real. ​Your work is more fulfilling.

You can have the sex life and emotional intimacy you’ve always dreamed​ of.

​​...if you're not currently with a partner, you can lay this groundwork to ​attract your next intimate relationship ​as a more Authentic You.

Your next step:

Schedule a 20 Minute Complimentary Consultation with Me

...​find out how I can support you to step into the ​pleasure and emotional intimacy you longing for.

​May You be Blessed ​from Head to Toe,

​Gaianna Love
​Sacred ​Sexuality Coach ​